Hidden amongst a veritable treasure trove of tropical plants, grasses, huge trees  and spectacular orchids in bloom, the quaint bungalows of the Sepilok Nature  Resort are within walking distance of the world-famous Kabili-Sepilok Forest  Reserve, precious home of the last wild Orang-Utans of Northern Borneo.  Combining rich traditional style with contemporary luxury, Sepilok Nature Resort is  the ideal starting point for most other wildlife land destinations in Sabah such as the  fauna rich Kinabatangan River and the surrounding Sukau area. Sepilok Nature  Resort also offers the perfect setting for relaxing after a long plane trip, before  continuing on a diving holiday to Lankayan.  Sepilok Nature Resort Hidden amongst a veritable treasure trove of tropical plants and grasses, hug tress and spectacular orchids in bloom About Sepilok Dining at Sepilok Dining in Sepilok brings you double pleasure. You get to feast your stomach with  sumptuous meals and at the same time feast your eyes with view of the lake and  the beautiful rainforest as the backdrop.  At night during dinner, instead of being serenaded with violins or acoustic guitar,  you’ll be serenaded with sounds of nocturnal creatures and insects of all kinds. 
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