The biggest attraction one could do while visiting the Sepilok lowland tropical forest would be  watching the orangutans. Watching only the orangutans, that is: because this formidable stretch  of wilderness-wisely preserved and just a few miles away from the modern hustle and bustle of  Sandakan offers an unequal opportunity to observe the utterly complex mechanisms of nature at  work in the tropics and in comfort.  It is then - and only then - that one will be able to hear the hypnotic, cicada-like song of the tree  frogs, the booming, cackling call of the great hornbill, the soft rustling of the dead leaves on the  forest floor at the passing of a bronze skink. Only then the metallic shine of spider eyes will be  apparent, only then the dead brown little branch will start walking with the hesitant steps of the  stick insect, and it is only then that the bright green leaf buds on a low shrub will suddenly take  the coiled shape of the pit viper waiting in ambush.  After having admired for as long as needed the delicate grace of the big red-haired apes with  their extraordinary prowess in tree-climbing and upside-down vine-dangling, and after having  been dutifully moved to the depth of their heart by their soulful gaze (no other primate looks at  you like an orangutan does), the visitors should stay a little longer in the forest and take a  leisurely stroll along the well marked trail in the company of a biologist and guide from the  Rehabilitation Center. Nature of Sepilok Sepilok Nature Resort Observe the utterly complex mechanism of nature at work in the tropics and in comfort Important : This is the resort owner’s site. Other look alike sites have nothing to do                   with us and their contents posted without our permission.                                                      Copyright © Pulau Sipadan Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd